The historic center of the Municipality of Bibbona characteristic for its charming tangle of medieval alleys and small squares paved with stone, the beautiful 11th-century parish church of San Ilario, with its original trapezoidal shape, is noteworthy.

The church retains an original part from the Romanesque period; inside are two ancient marble stoups and a valuable painting, the Madonna of the Rosary.

Also worth seeing is the Renaissance church of Santa Maria della Pietà, with its characteristic Greek-cross plan, located right at the entrance to the village, inside of which are a beautiful Pietà, dating from the 14th century, and fine marble furnishings from the 17th century.

A coat of arms of the Vallombrosian order stands out on the façade of the church of St. Joseph, testifying to the ancient presence of the monks.

The medieval town hall bears witness to the rich traditions of civic life here, collected in the town’s historical archives.

Located in the center of a vast countryside, interspersed with suggestive panoramic glimpses towards the coast, Bibbona represents a destination that allows one to experience a vacation in close contact with Nature.
The typical medieval village of Bibbona, characterized by narrow alleys, stairways and arches that take us back in time, rises a few kilometers from the sea, surrounded by the characteristic hillside villages of Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci, Campiglia