Marina di Bibbona, also known as Marina del Forte, is the seaside hamlet of the Municipality of Bibbona. The resort is located along the Etruscan Coast overlooking the Tuscan Archipelago and is immersed in a remarkable environmental landscape. It is bordered to the north by Marina di Cecina and the Tomboli reserve and to the south by Marina di Castagneto and the WWF Natural Oasis of Bolgheri.

Marina di Bibbona is a modern hamlet with a high tourist vocation with wide sandy beaches and quality waters, characteristics that have allowed it to be awarded the prestigious Blue Flag title for more than 16 years. FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) program awarded internationally to seaside resorts that apply a program of environmental sustainability.

Marina di Bibbona comes alive without a shadow of a doubt during the summer season, while still preserving the quiet and tranquility, which is why it is recommended both for couples and for a tourism of families with children.

The beaches are wide with fine sand bordered by sand dunes, which in turn border the hinterland with pine forests and low vegetation. The seabed is sandy and sloping.

Along the shoreline are a succession of beaches equipped with bar, restaurant, and nautical services and large areas of free beach. Also present are two beaches for dogs.

A few steps away from I Gigli di Mare you can admire the “Fort of Bibbona,” a construction erected during the 1700s at the behest of the Lorena family at the command of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany as a point of defense and lookout from pirate invasions and a nerve center for the shipment of goods by sea.
The building is made of bricks and is arranged on three floors with a vast lookout terrace facing the sea.
At the time of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany inside the fort were rooms for the guardhouse and stables for the horses of the Cavalry patrolling along the coast.
Today the Fort is still in use, in a part of it during the summer period cultural events and exhibitions are organized.
Twin buildings to the Bibbona Fort can be found in nearby Marina di Castagneto and Forte dei Marmi in Versilia.

During the summer months a rubber-tired train runs through Marina di Bibbona.